Over 30 years of customer service experience.


Caradvise S.A. has the distinction of having been founded in March 2020, shortly before lockdown. Despite the difficulties created by these exceptional circumstances, the experienced and highly motivated team did not let themselves be demoralized and showed flexibility in the face of this unexpected situation. The team draws on its experience in the automotive sector to satisfy its customers, by listening and providing them with creative and tailor-made solutions.

Our Philosophy


The business philosophy of the Caradvise team is as follows: to put all their skills and abilities at the service ofthe client’s interests, whether a company, an institution or an individual. “We decided to create the company and covid-19 invaded us immediately afterwards” explains Pierre Giannelli, founder and director of Caradvise S.A.

Buying & Selling

Fleet Management

B2B Leasing & B2C Financing


“We differentiate ourselves from the market, which is often limited to the sale of products or brands, by offering professional support.
Our independence allows us to advise the client throughout the evolution of his needs in terms of mobility and vehicle fleet management. »

At CARADVISE, the customer chooses the vehiclehe wishes to acquire and defines the characteristics, the equipment, and the desired level of finish. The team then takes care of finding the best deals on the market withthe fastest possible delivery times.

Through its network, the company can also search for vehicles in interesting market segments such as executive vehicles, demonstration vehicles and newer used vehicles. But Caradvise doesn’t just sell cars. Caradvise also actively helps her clients sell their vehicles, which can be left in consignment and professionally featured on all company locations.

“Everything is notified by contract. We prepare our customers’ cars for sale. They are then offered to our network.” explains Pierre Giannelli.


“The reliable network that we have built with many partners allows us to respond effectively and efficiently to our customers’ requests” explains Pierre Giannelli.

The team draws on its experience to bring real added value to companies in the management of their vehicle fleets.

It all begins with an in-depth study of the company’s fleet, needs and processes. It is then a question of choosing an adequate strategy to the needs of the customers taking into account their objectives in terms of management and staff satisfaction, their budget, the image of the company, legal obligations, changes in legislation and many other parameters.

“In general, our professional customers aim to reduce the TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) of their fleet while maximizing the satisfaction of their employees. Knowing that any optimization often generates resistance, we also support our customers in the implementation of the proposed improvements in order to gain as much support as possible, “says Pierre Giannelli.


Caradvise also offers the most suitable leasing offers (B2B)according to the customer’s situation and the desired vehicle.

Various services are associated with leasing: comprehensive insurance, financing, various maintenance and overhauls, tires, replacement vehicle, etc. Thus, the customer benefits from a complete service without having to worry about the unexpected.

Finally, to complete its offer, CARADVISE offers vehicle financing for private customers (B2C)with the help of its various partners in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

A professional image thanks to the guarantee


The guarantee is one of the pillars of the Caradvise offer. The advantages are numerous: the guarantee conveys a positive and professional image with customers. Caradvise can therefore provide several years of warranty on its used vehicles. In addition, it allows risk limitation for the distributor, and peace of mind for the customer. “We chose CarGarantie for its image and reliability, but also for the diversity of its competitive and scalable offers, for example the extended manufacturer’s warranty or offers for luxury cars.

porsche car highway

How it all began ?


Pierre Giannelli embarked on business creation after having worked in several countries for over 20 years. With his partners, he has over 30 years of experience in the automotive sector. The company benefits from the support of GCP Group, an active investment fund in sectors as diverse as fitted kitchens and events in Luxembourg and Belgium. For the director, this is an important asset. “I was able to count on the great experience of the group when the company was founded. In addition, having different business sectors creates synergies.
We manage the corporate fleets of group companies, and take advantage of their reputation with their customers and suppliers. ” he explains.

To make itself known, the company also relies on a variety of marketing tools such as their website and their presence on social networks or even access to certain platforms reserved for professionals. A structure specializing in search engine optimization manages Caradvise’s presence on the internet and social networks.